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ink_cravings's Journal

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Two friends, lola_dark and helloavocado, wanted to share writings, ideas and other random fiction related good-times. In order to share these things and invite others to do so as well, they made a LJ community because, hey, they're free.


Any writing or samples of writing of any type at all.
Challenges, ideas and maybe other fun things as we grow.
The mods are time and motivation challenged so we love short pieces, go figure.

Can I join?

Well that all depends on a few things:
1) you know the mods or someone else in the community and you've been invited by special engraved invitation
2) you don't know any of us but you really want in anyway, like really bad. Really? We're flattered! request to join and post a comment on the friends only page telling us who you are, fill out form below

1) your age (sad but true, we care)
2) how did you find us
3) will you post and comment
4) post a sample or two of your work

To join your journal cannot be less than 3 months old. You can not be less than 18 years old. And you must love puppies and color pink. Ok, that last part isn't true, just seeing if you're still with us.